Quarterly Report - 2007 - May

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on: July 08, 2007, 01:22:28 PM
Florida Native Plant Society
Executive Director Quarterly Report

May, 2007

Note:  Detailed, daily timesheets are available upon request

1.   Chapter Assistance
a.   Heartland Chapter assistance, new officer recruitment.
b.   South Ridge, programming, advertising, solvency issues
c.   Misc. Chapter assistance
d.   Sumter – Officer transitions
e.   Updated handbook – DRAFT
f.   Broward chapter plan of action (preliminary)
g.   501C3 information drafted
h.   Distribute Wildlife Matters series DVD to chapters – Benefits of native plants in your residential yard
i.   Newsletter article generation
j.   General Exemption info compiled and sent out
k.   Assist Lyonia with new Officer recruitment
l.   Nature Coast – program speaker info
m.   Misc. information and messages throughout the quarter
n.   Answer questions and requests

2. New Chapters
a. Pine Lily – Osceola County
b. Sweet Bay – Bay, Washington & Jackson Counties

Conference Planning
1.   2008 conference: Negociate details of multiple contracts
2.   Conference planning 2008, 2009 and 2010
3.   Vendor application, layout plant
4.   Sponsor coordination
5.   2007 – Order award plaques
6.   Grant writing assistance
7.   Maintain spreadsheets for speakers, silent auction and vendors
8.   Speaker invitation letter
9.   Over all coordination of committee
10.   Coordinate Univ. FL Landscape Arch students design competition

Communications Committee
1.   Assist in recruiting members
2.   Swap conference booth space with Florida Trails Assoc.
3.   Website updates
4.   Media interviews, articles
a.   FL Today – Martha Steuart – Palmetto award
b.   Orl. Sentinel – A. donax issue

1.   Assist in compiling Regional representatives
2.   Send FNGLA information re: water conservation campaign and sample yard landscape demonstration site and brochure

1.   Assist as needed.
2.   Assisting in the coordination a Membership retreat / environmental education/field trip weekend for members – October  and 6, 2007.
3.   Start grant related municipal education project
4.   Review Powerpoints and other info for our ed projects
5.   Rebecca Johns – USF proper native plants for soil type and preservation needs


1.   Follow up with Earthshare program and Giveline.com fundraiser.

Grant Procurement
1.   Research new edition of Florida Foundation book.
2.   Prepared, wrote and was awarded $10,000 Urban and Community Forestry Grant
3.   Obtain letters of support for grant applications
4.   Write Florida Urban Forestry Grant for Non-profit administration

Land Management
1.   Assist as needed.
Landscape Awards
1.   Created publicity volunteer /directives for next season.
2.   Facilitate LA award process at conference
1.   Assisting with various on-going projects.
Policy & Legislation
1.   Attending Florida Forever Coalition meetings and report back. 
2.   File and form information from DOACS for noxious weed petition, RE: Arundo donax.
3.   Send articles and issues to Co-chairs.
4.   Attend Fl Wildlife and Conservation Commission stakeholders meeting.
5.   Partnership development – FNGLA, Florida Urban Forestry Council, 1,000 Friends of Florida, Audubon, FL Wildlife & Conservation Commission, Water Mng. District reps and Intl. Society of Arboriculture  - FL Chapter
6.   Draft invasive policy for review
7.   Speaker at Low Impact development workshop – advocating large landscape preservation sponsored by Univ. FL and SJRWMD
8.   Speaker at Univ. FL / FNGLA – Floriculture Field Day
9.   Attend American Society of Landscape Architects – Sustainable communities committee meetings and large landscape land use planning charette.
10.   State Fertilizer task force – mode ordinance
11.   State Board of Education – Science standards
12.   Forward Casaurina concern letters
13.   Attend American Society of Landscape Architects organizational meetings to discuss large landscape planning/conservation book being developed in conjunction with MyRegion.
1.   Assist with general articles
2.   Palmetto book preliminary cost information
1.   Assist in securing University Liasons throughout Florida.
2.   Discuss research possibilities with Univ. FL

3.   Created the science track format for 2008 conference.


Current TO – Do List

Action Items – Executive Director

•   Flag / Pole for chapter award

•   ASLA Native Plant section
•   Yard signs for LA awards

Board of Directors / Society
•   Facilitate liaison relationships with general public, FNPS membership, partner organizations, advocacy entities and governmental officials.

•   Provide logistics, support, reminders and assistance for BOD meetings.  Provide carpool coordination and hotel coordination.

•   Assist and interact with all Committee Chairs with their respective projects.  Facilitate intra-committee communication.

•   Facilitate trans-disciplinary efforts in creating programs and projects within FNPS committees.

•   Assist with recruitment of Committee Chairs, Co-chairs and members.

•   Initiate the start of new chapters.

•   Attend one Chapter meeting minimum per month.

•   Prepare quarterly reports on Exec. Dir. Activities.

•   Provide and maintain FNPS document /resource data base.

•   Provide and update matrix of contacts.

•   Ensure all FNPS documents are up to date and accurate.  Assist in archiving documents to digital form.

•   Develop a list of conferences, state conservation initiatives and public education events to attend and promote FNPS strategic plan and mission.

•   Attend (2) non-governmental conferences per year with FNPS Display.

•   Attend (1) governmental conference per year representing FNPS

•   Assist with updating and implementing the Strategic Plan.  Develop a prioritization list of FNPS strategic plan and mission goals.

•   Update and maintain FNPS Handbook - (Review and revise Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Chapter Representative orientation & training guidelines).  Revise chapter application / sample chapter bylaws / orientation for Exec. BOD chap rep; Hard notebook with instructions for page inserts, pass along book to next rep, etc.

o   501c3 info
o   conference

•   Chapter Rep “Information and Ideas” quarterly email

•   Collect volunteer hours form from each chapter annually and file for grant use.

•   Compile comparative insurance plans.

•   State FL – Native Plant month

•   State FL – Car tag

•   Issues / Concerns list:
o   Clones / Standards
o   Biofuels – invasive plant testing process
o   List of ,do not sell’ plants

•   Partnering Policies

o   ISA – Rick Joyce, Chuck Lippy (newsletter), Mike Robinson, Janet Molnar

•   Headquarters idea proforma

•   Print hardcopies of agendas/minutes in notebook

•   100% public issue

•   FNGLA Alliance Goals, write down for review – tie to IFAS master gardener program

•   Bylaw amendment into document / reconcile docs

•   HS Community service

Chapter website newsletter section

Broward – rep, recruit

Chapter assist. – Naples, Heartland, Live Oak, Longleaf Pine, South Ridge, Sumter, Keys, Lakelas Mint, Nature Coast

Call Sumter

Heartland Off. turn over assistance

Keys org. meeting area assist. – Sue Miller, Keys Comm. College

Conference (see conference to do list / critical path)

•   Develop Conference Planning guidelines.

•   Charlotte Straub – Logo

•   Develop month by month critical path

•   Tourist Devel grant – field trip hotels, CVB Pnellas

•   Get Claudia’ email list of WMD conf. ad (80,000)

•   Conference registration – ask for email addresses

•   Call 2007 volunteer sign up sheet

•   Letter to FNGLA - $500 sponsorship for 2008

•   Botanical Society contest for program cover

•   DEP / DCA speaker

•   Cover letter for sponsorship brochure

•   Become ASLA CEU course provider

•   Tarfl co-host letter

•   Sponsor = organic fertilizer??CCon

•   FTA exhibit booth swap

•   FDEP speaker - funding

•   Music – Denny, C.Huegle, theWeeds,

•   Craig WPB Holiday Inn 2009 – 561.688.8625


•   Regional representatives to report to Conservation Chair.

•   Coordinate with Emily Roberson of NPCC

•   FDOT corridors / promote Pelham to review

•   Regional Env. Coalitions  - Example – Alliance for livable Pinellas

•   Municode – native plant ordinances

•   FWCS Grants for conservation

•   Conservation land Michael Jenkins

•   Native Plant maintenance guidelines - Spence

•   Bear / Bird migratory routes = conservation efforts (Hoctor/Def. wild)

•   Low impact devel – joint with 1000 FOF

•   Co-Chair

•   Facilitate media relations, regionally.

•   Cindy’s radio PSA ads to Chapters

•   Produce one media contact minimum per month.

•   Facilitate communication by and between the FNPS Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Chapter Representatives, and Chapter Officers to coordinate programs, events, informational resources and projects, etc.

•   Assist in helping chapters get their newsletters in pdf format and emailable or link to chapter website. 

•   Post sample bylaws (modified), field trip waiver and sample chapter budget spreadsheet on website.

•   Website layout suggestions.

•   Order FNPS car tags

•   Univ FL / FNGLA Floriculture exhibit (May 2008, Fall 2007 submittal) – Claudia looking into grant – KAV to coordinate sponsors

•   Write regional publicity articles highlighting our Exec. Comm. Chairs & Grant awards

•   FNGLA logo request to identify native plants

•   Webmaster:  Assist new chapters with chapter website set up

•   Maintain a database for external information sources and references.

•   Provide and maintain contact data base.

•   Promote and facilitate the use of ‘Skype’ web conferencing system

•   Promote website merchandize sales for Society donations.

•   Get public outreach process from Sea Rocket and modify for distribution. 

•   Annual ads:

o   Federation of Garden Clubs - $75
o   International Society of Arboriculture – FL chapter (Swap)
o   Florida Urban Forestry Council (Swap)
o   American Society of Landscape Architects – FL chapter ($50)?
o   Florida Trail Association – (Swap)

•   Assist in completing PowerPoint presentations with scripts for the following user groups:  Municipalities / General Public-Master Gardeners (utilize existing material)
o   Content Development (preserve, LA ord, stormwater, reg. plant list, comp plan)
o    Design
o   Information Architecture
o   Marketing Dissemination

   Membership workshop/field trip weekend for October 6 & 7

   Get Florida Yards and Neighborhoods to put our info at end of their presentation.

   Create Native plant maintenance standards

   AFNN Book reprint / website (R. Hopper, Orig. author)

   Healthy landscape ads

   State Board of Education committee – Carolyn Milhan 407.774.7474, teacher / Suze Peace

   Lauren Anderson ppt Bot, FSU

   Modify KAV powerpoint presentations with scripts for chapters

   Info to collect:  Stormwater speaker at 2007 conf ppt, urban for 1st speaker at 2007 ISA conf., long green in short grass – Univ. FL, Mark Hostetler, Jay Exum

   George Kish Project – Homeowner’s Assoc. Guidelines

   Posters for tri-fold outreach displays (Velcro) – in combination with Communications Comm.

   State Board of Education Science standards

   Ros Rowe speakers bureau

   Get copy of Bill Petty’s (Magnolia Chapter) native fungi presentation
Google – florida fungi for his website.  floridafungi@yahoo.com / other completed presentations by chapters/individuals

•   Make video of Guy _______ with Magnolia chap.  Ret. Botanist with Osceola/Appilachicola/Ocala Forests.  3600 Turkey Run Lane, Tall, 32312;  850.669.7440;  aristida@nettally.com 

•   Make CD of Sam Hopkin’s papers with Tarflower Chapter  (CHAPTER GRANT)

•   Master naturalist program teach – Meketa - $250 every 6 weeks (FNPS publicity)

•   Project

o   Allen Jelks – stormwater design indiv
o   Rick Joyce – Babcock
o   Urban tree preserve – speaker at 2007 conf Trees FL
o   Stormwater talk ppt from FNPS2007 conf.

•   Co-Chair

•   Ensure IRS filing and assist with coordination.

•   Earthshare fund publicity to municipalities

•   Develop fund raising strategies with ‘‘Development’ sub-committee.
o   Annual letter
o   Travel trips
o   Educational weekend/field trip
o   State Florida field trip for other NPSs

•   Executive Director Salary

•   Promotion: License plate holder, decals

•   Powerpoint projectors for chapters – Sarracenia = matching funds

•   Palmetto article Book

•   Investigate grant feasibility for FNPS backed preservation/conservation projects.

•   Intern to organize Archival information – Scan all Palmettos -  index articles and subject matter; scan and index all FNPS Secretary notebooks, extract copies of all BOD meetings for notebook. 

•   Municipal advocacy

•   Financial aid for conference

•   Science research on adapting natives to the urban environment.

•   Conference student Scholarships

•   Land management grants – David Gordon, Quest tech, through DEP, Terry Hingin DEP parks SW director

•   Powerpoint projectors (Mangrove, Tarflower)

•   Outreach/Education projects and distribution (powerpoints, publications, CD’s, Color Book, etc.)

•   Urban & Community Grant Administration (5/07-5/09)

•   USWF Grant

•   Felburn Foundation (env. Ctr, small grants

•   Gates Foundation (see elect. List other)
•   FCT Funds – avail for non –profits..
•   Due:  Gannett grant – July

Land Management
•   Assist as needed.

Landscape Awards
•   Assist with productivity, publicity and archiving methods
•   Submit narrative on CD

•   Assist Chair in obtaining Chapter Membership Representatives and ensuring that consistent communication takes place. 

•   Recruitment & Retainage. – Follow up on letters fr. MA and Lynk

•   Facilitate the distribution of membership recruitment ideas.

•   Membership online service = $5/person

•   Cathi to have headers on Membership spreadshts. to discern btw. phone/fax number, etc.

Policy & Legislation
•   Join and participate in the Florida Highway Beautification Council

•   Participate in the Florida Forever Coalition; Report back to Policy Committee

•   State Florida Fertilizer law task force

•   Policies out

•   Follow FDOT planning process, promote to be under DCA

•   Chap guidelines about following 501c3 rules about advocacy

•   Find and archive existing policies/position statements from archival documents.

•   Participate in eco-alert process as needed.

•   Legislative Updates

•   Study other – how to find your Senator, etc. leagWvote

•   Review TNC’s Alternative program and 1,000 FOF’s Growth Mgn. Initiatives - www.floridahabitat.org

•   Preserv initiatives (roads $ conserve. areas)

•   LA Ord. 100% issue

•   Discussion forum – chapter participation in local community boards and councils

•   Draft USFWS ‘ Florida Native Plants for your backyard’ – replace info there know on their website. 

•   Develop FNPS Issues and Concerns list for Ex. Comm. Review

o   Clones/Standards
o   Biofuel – Process of plant approval
o   Landscape Architecture specifications
o   Do not sell list

•   Assist the Policy and Legislation Committee with research for writing policy and position statements. 

o   Rubber Mulch
o   Genetic engineering  (obtain Ecological Soc. of Amer. Info.
o   Biomass energy
o   Global warming
o   ATV use in preservation areas
o   Water
o   Fire
o   Climatic change
o   Protection of rare species
o   Cypress mulch
o   Landscape conservation
o   Restoration
o   Use of natives in the urban/suburban landscape

•   Issues to Follow:
Heartland Highway and other FDOT corridor planning
Fowler’s Prairie – SR 20 design
Brooker Creek Preserve encroachment
Big Bend Canal Development – impact on national aquatic preserve
Biomass Energy Grass – Kris Serbesoff-King
Cedar Key Scrub Preserve
Ocala National Forest ATV usage
      Tosohatchee management status
      A. donax introduction – Kevin Spears
      5 year review of Endang/Threat species by wildlife serv.

•   Assist with article generation for Sabal Minor and Palmetto.

•   Assist Chair in developing Mainstream articles and Plant Profiles for (10) regional media distribution on a regular basis (G.Bauer pics); VP Admin. to assist with photos;  (Utilize existing website data)

•   Rare plant profile for Palmetto: S.Kennedy, Keith Bradley, Roger Hammer and Carl Weekly.

•   Collect / send  publications to/from chapters

•   Palmetto article – Book

•    (Peggy Lantz)
o   Re-photograph
o   Who decides on articles
o   Perfect bind
o   Format?

•   Line drawings in storage – Wunderlin

•   Article – Nancy West – reality check Tampa bay

•   Need book reviews for Palmetto

•   Newsletter article swap at website / add to plant profiles

•   SM – BOD attendance

•   Sam Hopkins appt.

•   Draft USFWS – Plants for your backyard – FL section

•   C. Huegel – needs LA for pub work,

•   Chapter newsletters:  plant profile as well as invasive plant alert (what’s being sold in retail)

•   Purchase and distribute NautreWise publications/videos.

•   Assist in the solicitation of applicants for Endowment Grants/Award.

•   Assist with conference programming coordination.

•   Assist in coordinating a scientific article for the ‘Castanea’ publication (Dan Ward)

•   Coordinate conference financial aid for students.

•   Facilitate each chapter having a university and community college liaison.

Volunteer Coordination

•   Patsy Wilcher

•   Leu through Jan = Sue Albee (M gardener)?
Jennifer Finfrock?? Wth Celeste – Letter first

•   Autumn Eckenrod – Envir. Studies
o   Vendor list consolidation
o   Retype reimbursement form
o   Combine rec nat plant lists into data (new categories- wldfl, wetand, pond plantings)
o   Native plant ordinance research – native plant / preservation oriented (FUTURE)

•   Coord. Linda McGann (sp) – Grants

•    - Naples chapter, Daphne Lambright, Karen Guin,Abor newsltr review grants

•   Michelle Guidry

•   Sandie Mulrooney

Note:  Any FNPS Member who would like to volunteer time and effort to any of the projects listed above, please contact Karina Veaudry at executivedirector@fnps.org or 407.895.8446.
Karina Veaudry