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Cammie Donaldson

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on: February 13, 2006, 06:07:18 PM
My views are contrary with respect to cultivars, especially.  Personally, I'm against throwing out ecological conservatism and promoting any genetic tailoring to achieve ornamental character.  Native cultivars once embraced by LAs are more likely to be planted anywhere without regard for natural range limits.  I continue to believe that ornamental quality can be achieved with any plant given proper
care and handling.  I do not believe that we can out-ornamental the ornamental nurseries. Once they see the profitability of a native cultivar they will grow it. They already do this for every high demand landscape native plant of which I'm aware.

At the bottom line I don't care what plants any of our nurseries sell. That's their business. What they advertise through AFNN is our business.  And as I see it the only advantage we have over the ornamental nurseries is our adherence to ecological conservatism . . . both geographically and genetically.  Currently we are the organic farmers of the plant industry.  I don't see a specialty market for semi-organic farmers.  Maybe we could just merge with FNGLA and be sub-category nurseries - others.