Quarterly Report 2007 August

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on: October 02, 2007, 11:01:02 PM
Florida Native Plant Society
Executive Director -  Quarterly Report

3rd Quarter - August, 2007
1.   Board of Directors
a.   Provide follow up reminders on meeting action items
b.   Meeting location and directions coordination
c.   Provide coordination of international trip
d.   SJRWMD Low Impact Development Workshop – Speaking Engagement
e.   Bio-Retention statements to UF – Hal Knowles
f.   Coordinate FNPS policy statement bio fuels / Arundo donax (contact national media)
g.   Compile and add to FNPS file directory and contacts list.
h.   Executive Committee action item list and reminders
i.   Assist President, Shirley Denton,  with archiving of FNPS documents.
j.   Marion County Master Gardeners – Speaking Engagement
2.   Chapter Assistance
a.   Heartland, South Ridge, Broward, Pine Lily, Sweetbay concentration
b.   Misc. Chapter assistance; Answer questions and requests
c.   Communication with all chapters
d.   501(c)3 status info
e.   Review and update Chapter/county regions
f.   Edit, write and organize chapter officer descriptions for new chapters
g.   Attend Sarracenia Chapter meeting
h.   Program assistance Pine Lily, South Ridge, Broward
i.   Forward regional info re: field trips, outreach opportunities, conservation news, etc. to chapters
3. New Chapter Start-Up
a. Marion County
Conference Planning
1.   2008 - conference: Committee organization, sponsors, overall conference planning duties.  Start spreadsheets.  Download and integrate 2007 conference information; attend conference meetings in Palmetto, FL.
2.   Conference planning 2009
3.   Conference inquiries 2010
4.   Grant writing assistance
5.   Maintain spreadsheets for speakers, silent auction, sponsors, exhibitors and vendors
6.   Discussions with members – various topics and projects
7.   Progress on FNPS Conference Guidelines
Communications Committee
1.   Media Communication – Ocala newspaper, radio, Osceola sentinel
2.   Learn listserv processes
3.   Media contact with Daytona, Palm Beach and Orlando
1.   Assisted in compiling Regional representatives
2.   Downloaded and distribute information from Native Plant Conservation Campaign
3.   Reviewed new CNPS conservation policies
4.   Discuss projects and possible partnership / grants with the National Tree Fund
5.   Read through comments regarding TNC's Sus. FL -FFC proposal
6.   Review Sustainable Florida Initiative presented to the Florida Forever Coalition.
1.   Assisted as needed.
2.   Coordinated Membership retreat, field trips, workshops and programs; facilitate registration process, lodging and food coordination.
3.   Progress on municipal education project – Grant
4.   Discussions with Jerrie Lindsay of FFWCC – Partnership
5.   Discussions with Federation of Garden Clubs
6.   Secured partnership and $3,000 donation from Florida Urban Forestry Council
7.   Secured $10,000 Grant RE: Preservation/Conservation initiatives with targeted Cities and counties.
8.   Discussions with International Society of Arboriculture – grants, partnerships
9.   Review new Dept of Education standards for Science; FNPS input.
10.   Coordinate FNPS color book order, facilitate getting order up to over 10,000 copies for price break.
11.   Apply to be a speaker at next years American Planning Association conference.
12.   FNPS Retreat workshop planning, sponsorships, lodging and food coordination.
13.   Discussions with Fl Yards and Neighborhoods program – FNPS input

1.   Follow up with Earthshare program and Giveline.com fundraiser.
2.   Assist with general exemption distribution of forms, communication and questions
3.   Florida Earth Foundation listings
4.   Giveline.com follow up

Grant Procurement
1.   Research and compile data -new edition of Florida Foundation book; foundations with similar FNPS mission statements.
2.   Endowment procurement tasks
3.   Write and Co-write grants for FNPS conferences
4.   Kresge Foundation research
5.   Produce endowment procurement policy documents

Land Management
1.   No tasks regarding this committee.
Landscape Awards
1.   Created publicity volunteer /directives for next season.
1.   Assisted with various on-going projects.
2.   Add comments, assist with membership letter
Policy & Legislation
1.   Attended Florida Forever Coalition meetings and reported back. 
2.   State Fertilizer task force – Attend meetings, report back
3.   State Board of Education – Follow Science standards progress
4.   Review irrigation legislation
5.   Discussions with members – various topics and projects
6.   Irrigation usage policy request start
7.   List all potential policies
8.   Liaison meetings and discussion with SJRWMD, SWFWMD and SFWMD
9.   Liaison meeting with 1,000 Friends of Florida
10.   Liaison meetings with Environment Florida
11.   Liaison meetings with FDOT
12.   Liaison discussions and meetings with American Society of Landscape Architects
13.   Attend and participate in Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission stakeholder’s meeting
14.   Assist in draft letter to Dept of Plant Industry – dropping of conservation grants
1.   Collect, edit and compile 48 plant profiles
2.   Palmetto Archive project
3.   Assist in writing articles for Sabal m landscape awards
1.   Created the science track format for 2008 conference.


Note:  I have compiled a list of over 200 projects and tasks that could be completed to further our mission.  Any FNPS Member who would like to volunteer time and effort to complete or assist, please contact me.

This report submitted the third quarter of 2007.


Karina Veaudry, Executive Director
Florida Native Plant Society
(407) 895-8446 – Office
(321) 388 -4781 - Cell

Karina Veaudry