Publications Committee Report 2008 07

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on: July 18, 2008, 10:07:01 AM
Publications Committee Status
July 19, 2008

•   Kick Off Meeting at Conference – Nine people attended.  Support for FNPS providing local media with updated reprints from Society and Chapter publications.  Also, some demand for more traditional publications.

•   Provide Local Media

o   Contacted Peggy Dessaint, IFAS Ornamental Horticulture for Manatee County.  She also writes a Gardening column for the Bradenton Herald.  She’s cutting back on her input and feels they might be interested.  Need a supply of articles ready to go.  (She also comments that she is seeing a surprising amount of disease and insect problems on natives that perhaps we may wish to address.)
o   Rosalind Rowe has expressed willingness to request articles via Sabal minor.  July 24 deadline.

•   Traditional Publications:
o   Planning and Planting a Native Yard.  John G. Beriault.  This was published by FNPS in late 1980’s .  It won John a Green Palmetto.  John Sibley of All Native Garden Center in Fort Myers says he perceives a need from new arrivals to Florida who want to do the right thing.  John is willing to proceed, but feels his publication applies to South Florida only.  I have been unable to get a copy.
o   Xeric Landscaping with Florida Native Plants  Jameson& Moyroud, 1991.  Copyright by AFNN.  A few years ago, Kathryn Pordelli recommended this as a great tool for local planning departments.  Chiappini resisted republcation because of AFNN sponsoring Nelson’s 100 Best.  Now AFNN is re-thinking and will produce it and a companion website.  They need financial support of course.  Is FNPS interested?
Karina Veaudry