Quarterly Report 2008 February

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on: July 23, 2008, 07:53:54 PM

Florida Native Plant Society
Executive Director -  Quarterly Report

1st Quarter November, 2008
1.   Board of Directors
a.   Contribute to Palmetto publication review
b.   Contribute to Sabal m. articles and information
c.   Attend PLAM Conference
d.   Tampa Tribune Article
e.   Work on Strategic plan notes
f.   Develop educational powerpoint
g.   Discussion with Jeff Caster regarding FDOT plantings
h.   FNPS Partnerships
i.   Collect plant profiles for Sabal minor
j.   Conduct a project for University of Florida Landscape Architecture students
k.   Daytona Beach news journal interview
l.   Assist with Sabal minor article generation
m.   Retreat planning
n.   Director At Large discussions regarding tasks
2.   Chapter Assistance
a.   Color book orders, write grant
b.   Meet with Cocoloba chapter and officers
c.   Cocoloba chapter assistance
d.   Lyonia Chapter assistance
e.   Marion County Chapter assistance
f.   Assist Broward Chapter
g.   Sweet Bay Chapter Assistance
h.   Coclplum Chapter assistance
3.   New Chapter Start-Up
a.   St Johns County chapter organization
4.   Communications Committee
a.   Interview with WMNF
5.   Media Relations Sub-Committee
6.   Conference
a.   Negotiate 09 contract, conference planning, and sponsorship development
b.   Work on Conference planning manual
c.   Speaker coordination / Program layout
7.   Land Management Partner Sub-Committee
8.   Education
a.   Dis
9.   Finance
a.   Fundraising, trip or

10.   Grant Procurement
a.   Grants for conference and ED contract
b.   Work on municipal grant
c.   Grant research
11.   Landscape Awards
12.   Membership
a.   Recruitment assistance
13.   Policy & Legislation
a.   Help with eco-alert system
b.   Meeting with House of Rep. Randolph

Respectfully Submitted,
Karina Veaudry, Executive Director
Florida Native Plant Society
(321) 388-4781 Office

Karina Veaudry