Quarterly Report 2008 May

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on: July 23, 2008, 07:54:31 PM

Florida Native Plant Society
Executive Director -  Quarterly Report

2nd Quarter May, 2008
1.   Board of Directors
a.   Palmetto awards compilation
b.   BOD and Executive Committee coordination
c.   Handbook update comments
d.   FNPS landscape ord - invasive section issue with FL Statute working on
Lake, Seminole and Volusia landscape ordinances
e.   Partner projects with Florida Wildflower Foundation
f.   BOD meeting location changes
g.   Committee Chair recruitment
h.   Work on strategic plan
i.   BOD Retreat coordination
j.   Speaking engagement League of Women Voters
k.   Meet with Dave Sumpter of Wildland Conservation
l.   Presentation to Hernando County Commissioners
2.   Chapter Assistance
a.   Lyonia Chapter assistance
b.   Conradina send chapter officer descriptions
c.   Sea Oats 501c3 info
d.   Meet with Sumter chapter and sumter officers
e.   Keys group meeting and organization
f.   Send powerpoint presentations to Lake Beautyberry and Pinellas / receive info.
3.   New Chapter Start-Up
a.   New chapter investigation Suwannee County
b.   New Chapter investigation North Miami
4.   Communications Committee
a.   Speaking Engagement Univ FL
b.   PSA for Channel 9
c.   Interview with Orlando Sentinel
d.   Ornamental Outlook article
e.   Update society calendar on website
f.   Update Listserv
g.   Website comments
h.   Update speaker section on website
i.   Orange County TV taping Panel discussion
j.   Article for Daytona Beach news journal
5.   Conference
a.   Planning, budgeting and coordination of 3 conferences in various stages
b.   Attend and direct 2008 conference
6.   Conservation
a.   Draft Florida Forever letter
b.   Meet with City of Gainesville, RE: FNPS ordinance guidelines
c.   Discussions with Brighman Logan of AFNN RE: promotion of native plants in the urban landscape.
7.   Land Management Partner Sub-Committee
8.   Finance
a.   Group exemption FAQ write up

9.   Grant Procurement
a.   Work on municipal grant
b.   National geographic production
10.   Landscape Awards
a.   Attend landscape awards meeting, transfer data, write SOPs

Respectfully Submitted,
Karina Veaudry, Executive Director
Florida Native Plant Society
(321) 388-4781 Office

Karina Veaudry