Publications Committee Report

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on: August 13, 2008, 03:09:34 PM
Publications Committee Status
August 13, 2008

•   Kick Off Meeting at Conference – Nine people attended.  Support for FNPS providing local media with updated reprints from Society and Chapter publications.  Also, some demand for more traditional publications.

•   Provide Local Media

o   Stephanie Brown contacted Jeff Nurge, the Publicity Chair for the Palm Beach Chapter.  Several Palm Beach Chapter members have been writing a column, Native Roots, for the Palm Beach Post.  Jeff is supplying me with a CD with several sample articles that have permission of the authors to publish.  The Palm Beach Post owns the name and some regional editing may be in order. The plan is to offer these to a test sample of newspapers.   This sounds encouraging.
o   Contacted Peggy Dessaint, IFAS Ornamental Horticulture for Manatee County.  She also writes a Gardening column for the Bradenton Herald.  She’s cutting back on her input and feels they might be interested.  Need a supply of articles ready to go.  (She also comments that she is seeing a surprising amount of disease and insect problems on natives that perhaps we may wish to address.)
o   Bridget Washburn will supply content in press release format from the Gulf of Mexico coalition. 

•   Traditional Publications:
o   Planning and Planting a Native Yard.  John G. Beriault.  This was published by FNPS in late 1980’s .  It won John a Green Palmetto.  John Sibley of All Native Garden Center in Fort Myers says he perceives a need from new arrivals to Florida who want to do the right thing.  John is willing to proceed, but feels his publication applies to South Florida only.  I have been unable to get a copy.  Cammie Donaldson strongly suggests that this may be of interest to new members, especially those new to Florida.  She describes it as a “a jouney of discovery”.
o   Xeric Landscaping with Florida Native Plants  Jameson& Moyroud, 1991.  Copyright by AFNN.  A few years ago, Kathryn Pordelli recommended this as a great tool for local planning departments.  Chiappini resisted republcation because of AFNN sponsoring Nelson’s 100 Best.  Now AFNN is re-thinking and will produce it and a companion website.  They need financial support of course.  Is FNPS interested?  Cammie and Karina are exploring grants to republish.

•   Committee Organization
o   Karina advertised for interested committee members in the August/September Sabal minor.  So far we have two volunteers:  Kristina Hertz (Chapter unknown) and Annie Grewe of Sumter County Chapter.   initial thought would be to have them contact local publications in their area.
Karina Veaudry