Quarterly Report 2008 August

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on: September 03, 2008, 04:32:08 PM

Florida Native Plant Society
Executive Director -  Quarterly Report

3rd Quarter August, 2008
1.   Board of Directors
a.   Post new policies on website
b.   BOD and Executive Committee coordination
c.   Discuss Native Plant protection project with CNPS, Amanda Jorgenson
d.   BOD meeting location changes and meeting planning
e.   Attended ECFRPC Natural Resources sounding board meetings and compiled answers to questionnaire.
f.   Added to publicity and media contact list
g.   Meeting planning for chapter visits
h.   Discussed University of Florida Native Plant Seminar program with Profs. Kane and Perez
i.   Committee Chair recruitment
j.   Met with and added to resource base, Univ. FL Conservation Consortium professors
k.   Updated distribution lists for BOD and Officers
l.   Discussed Educational partnerships with ASLA, AFNN and FNGLA
m.   Orientation for new Secretary Uranowski
n.   Send info and recommendations of project outlines to new sub-committee chairs, Devel and Media relations and Education chair
o.   File information received by committees and lobbyist
p.   Solicit resources and contacts with DOCAS and DEP
q.   Answer emails from BOD, Officers, Chapters and the general public
r.   BOD Retreat coordination
2.   Chapter Assistance
a.   South Ridge Chapter organization
b.   Assisted Pinelily Newsletter editor
c.   Sea Rocket chapter membership
d.   Conference calls with Marion chapter officers
4.   Communications Committee
a.   Update society calendar on website
b.   Website announcements updates / BOD contact info updates
c.   Updated website speaker section and add (7) new speakers
d.   Discussions with Terry Godts and Brightman Logan regarding the promotion of native plants in the Urban Landscape
e.   Review display text
5.   Conference
a.   Planning, budgeting and coordination of 2009, 2010 and 2011 conferences.
b.   Sponsorship attainment for 2009 conference
c.   Updated conference website multiple times
d.   2012 information to potential chapter hosts
6.   Conservation
a.   Publicized the conservation grant submittal deadline
7.   Science Advisory Committee
a.   Publicized call for papers and Science research grants
b.   Coordinated Science conference schedule assist
c.   Continued to add to and vet the University Liaison list / correct email bounce backs with assistance from A. Birch and S. Dingwell
8.   Policy Committee
a.   Modified website
b.   Assisted with alert updates
9.   Publications Committee
a.   Assisted with Sabal m. articles
b.   Reviewed and updated chapter and officer info for Palmetto
10.   Finance
a.   Development Sub-Committee Wrote report on International trip planning

11.   Grant Procurement
a.   Wrote SCRI Grant through the U.S. Department of Agriculture
b.   CHEP grant paperwork
c.   SWFWMD grant paperwork
d.   FLEPPC Grant application conference
e.   Community Foundation Grant WPB, Conference
12.   Landscape Awards
a.   Modified application for 2008 and update website; organize past submittal listings on website.
b.   Sent letters to University of Florida landscape architecture student design competition winners.
c.   Wrote press release for awards / publicity

Respectfully Submitted,
Karina Veaudry, Executive Director
Florida Native Plant Society
(321) 388-4781 Office

Karina Veaudry