Agenda 2008 09-20

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on: September 23, 2008, 03:46:32 PM
Florida Native Plant Society
Executive Committee Meeting
Withlacoochee Forest Center Headquarters, 15019 Broad Street (Hwy. 41), Brooksville, FL 34601

AGENDA - September 20, 2008 – 10:00am

Day of meeting contact:
Karina Veaudry
321-388-4781   FNPS Mission Statement
The purpose of the Florida Native Plant Society
is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida
a.  President
b.   Past President
c.   Vice President of Administration
d.   Vice President of Finance

1. Development Sub-Committee 
    --- International Trips
e.   Treasurer
f.   Publications Committee
g.   Membership Committee
h.   Conference Committee
---  2009, 2010, 2011

g.   Conservation Committee
      1.   Land Management Partners                           Sub-Committee

i.  Education Committee
   --- Rollins College Intern
j.  Government Policy & Legislation Committee
      --- Issues of the day
--- Discussion of “wish list” for Sue Mullins to pursue in Tallahassee (more strict invasive plant screening process, protection for rare plants, etc.)

   --- Transportation Issues

k.   Communications Committee
   --- Update on FNPS chapter displays
        --- Mulch Brochure

   1. Media Relations Sub-Committee
i.   Science Advisory Committee
n.   Landscape Awards Committee
1.   FNPS Visioning/ Strategic Plan Draft
Background:  At our February 16-17, 2008 BOD Retreat we started a dialog towards defining a future vision and strategic plan.  Our goal is to work to complete a draft vision statement and (3) year strategic plan to present to the Board of Directors in a two part workshop at the January 9-11, 2009 BOD Retreat.  The first half of the workshop will be to present the draft and receive input and comments.  The second half workshop will be to discuss implementation strategies. 
2.   Urban and Community Forestry Grant

1.   Executive Director contract renewal
2.   SCRI Grant
3.   Discussion of Jatropha (Lee County – Proposal to plant this known invasive as Biofuel Crop on public land). 
4.   Century Committee – Water Congress, Gene Kelly
5.   Chapter product marketing on website, i.e. Magnolia Calendar

ADJOURNMENT -  Optional Field Trip
Karina Veaudry