Local legislative delegation meetings

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Dick Workman

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on: December 05, 2008, 04:26:25 PM
As you know by now Constitutional amendment four passed and requires that the legislature develop rules for allowing landowners to get property tax exemptions for conservation of natural areas maintained in a quality condition.  The parameters are to be worked out by the legislature before implementation in 2010. The FNPS BOD chose not to promote this amendment for reasons I've still not determined but it passed and has the potential of protecting thousands of acres of natural areas from development and other exploitation that destroys native plant function. It is very important that we let our legislative delegations know that if we are to successfully combat global warming in Florida we must protect naturally functioning plant communities. They need to know what that means and you need to show up at legislative delegation meetings now being scheduled to let them know how important this is to you and other living beings in Florida. Your chapter should discuss this and provide guidelines and talking points.  This important because this is our chance to protect natural areas without having to purchase and manage them.

Joan Bausch

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Reply #1 on: January 21, 2009, 12:13:39 PM
Thanks for bringing this up in the Forum. As many will have heard by now the legislative special session axed the 2008 budget reserves for Florida Forever and FCT funds (and land management funds!!!)

We need to be in touch with our legislators NOW to tell them how important our natural areas are so they will have more information while they work on the 2009 budget. Just call their offices and make the simple statement. Those who know more can go into more detail.

The issue regarding private conservation land is slightly different in that the legislators will be framing the details of the program. We need to be paying attention and offering our suggestions for a great program, not one that could become a boondoggle.

I hope the BOD of FNPS will direct our lobbyist to be proactive on the details.

Joan B