Quarterly Report 2008 November

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on: December 30, 2008, 04:29:28 PM
Florida Native Plant Society
Executive Director -  Quarterly Report
4th Quarter – November, 2008

Board of Directors
a.   Post new policies on website
b.   East Central Florida Regional Planning Council – Follow up with NRORS mapping/planning, incorporate Gene Kelly’s comments into questionnaire.
c.   BOD and Executive Committee coordination
d.   Retreat planning, cost analysis, registration form
e.   BOD Minutes bullet points for Chapter Reps.
f.   Upload information and reports onto forum
g.   Follow up / reminders to BOD and Executive Committees
h.   Assist with Landscape Awards and Education budget planning.
i.   Verify all Chapter Presidents and Chapter Representative email addresses.  Make Corrections.
j.   Follow up Hernando county visit – Scrub Tree Preservation ordinance
k.   Executive Committee meeting and Board of Directors meeting planning
l.   Updated distribution lists for BOD and Officers
m.   Palmetto Archiving project / and re-label notebooks to go back to storage.
n.   Website announcements / add events to calendar
o.   Answer emails from BOD, Officers, Chapters and the general public
p.   BOD Retreat coordination

2.   Chapter Assistance
a.   Email assistance
b.   Presentation to Heartland Chapter
c.   Citrus Chapter questions and assistance.
d.   Paynes Pr. Chapter landscape ordinance
e.   Lake County Landscape Ordinance
f.   Info to Pinellas chapter outreach research Claudia Lewis.
g.   Meet with Lake Beautyberry chapter officers / Give presentation at monthly chapter meeting.
h.   Attend Cocoplum meeting  / meet with officers.
i.   Assist Mangrove chapter with Group Exemption Paperwork
j.   New Chapter Representative orientations – Conradina, Cocoplum, Tarflower
k.   Update Listserv with new contact information from chapter officer information update forms.
l.   Sea Oats Chapter bylaws / 501c3 and insurance for event assistance.
m.   Sea Rocket Chapter assistance
n.   Send chapters materials and brochures

3.   Communications Committee
a.   Review and comment Chapter Rep FAQ update.

4.   Conference
a.   Planning, budgeting and coordination of 2009, 2010 and 2011 conferences.
b.   Sponsorship attainment for 2009 conference
c.   Discuss 2012 conference with Naples chapter, answer questions.
d.   ASLA CEC paperwork
e.   Work with volunteers Sherry Friend and D. Springer on donors / strategy
f.   Contact conservation panel proposed members.
g.   Conference guidelines manual progress.
h.   2010 Socials coordination
i.   Room set-ups for 2009
j.   Coordinate UF Restoration Horticulture seminar to coincide with FNPS conference.
k.   Coordinate Florida Urban Forestry Council seminar to coincide with FNPS conference.
l.   Negotiate 2010 hotel contract.
m.   Coordinate 2009 speaker airline, hotel and transportation issues.
n.   Assisted Shirley Denton in creation of new conference website
o.   Start putting together program for 2009

5.   Education
a.   National Geographic special featuring FL ecosystems, prospectus utilizing S. Denton’s information.

6.   Science Advisory Committee
a.   Calls and corrections to University Liaison data base list email bounce backs.

7.   Policy Committee
a.   Prepared for and attended meeting with Florida Agriculture Commissioner, Charles Bronson, with AFNN representatives.
b.   Arundo d. , Jatropha c. issues / emails.
c.   Florida Forever meeting – conference call and type notes.

8.   Publications Committee
a.   Review, add content to Sabal minor publications

9.   Society Liaisons
a.   Attend FWC Teaming with Wildlife meeting / networking
b.   Meeting with Orange County Forester – Urb/ grant

10.   Finance
a.   Development Sub-Committee – Coordination with FNPS volunteer, Jodi Strapinsky, for 2009 travel trip fundraiser.  Coordination with 2010 travel trip.

11.   Grant Procurement
a.   Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Research Initiative Grant; coordinate national partnerships, devise strategy.
b.   Conference related grants

Respectfully Submitted,
Karina Veaudry, Executive Director
Florida Native Plant Society
(321) 388-4781

Karina Veaudry