Vote on Green Palmetto Award for Chris Trost

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on: April 12, 2009, 10:10:03 PM
Chris Trost

Chris Trost has been a stalwart member of the FNPS Coccoloba Chapter serving on the BOD in a variety of offices requiring a functional left brain.  The Coccoloba Chapter nominates her for the Green Palmetto award for Administration and Service. After many years of service on the executive committee she remains active in administrative roles assisting the new Chapter officers.  She has always been one to see that see that the checklist of needed services required for plant sales, planting projects and outreach meetings was covered by members.  Additionally, she has been politically active attending meetings and organizing letter writing efforts
to remind administrative agencies responsible for protecting native plants and their habitats that the FNPS is monitoring their activities.  Chris Trost is one of the “unsung heroes” of the FNPS who for more than fifteen years has helped keep us organized and accomplishing many successful project to further the FNPS mission.

The Coccoloba Chapter nominates Chris Trost for the Green Palmetto award for Administration and Service. Chris has been a member of the Coccoloba Chapter for nearly 15 years and during that time has served several years on the board and various committees. She has been the "go to" person for a myriad of questions and problems. She has devoted countless hours organizing the chapter's finances and secretarial records. Chris invariably will join field trips because of her love of native plants, their communities and her enthusiasm for sharing her vast knowledge in the subject. She has been a fixture at our semiannual plant sales as cashier, record keeper AND creator of the now famous, delicious sandwich wraps she makes for the volunteer's lunch. Additionally, Chris devotes several Saturdays by taking the FNPS message to countless festivals, galas and other public events throughout the county in an effort to educate the public about the superior attributes of native plants and encourage new memberships. Chris will never let an issue go un addressed and writes politicians and government officials on a nearly daily basis, defending our environment, sustainability and of course demanding and encouraging the use of native plants.

Karina Veaudry