Vote Green Palmetto Award Nominee Marc Godts

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on: April 12, 2009, 10:04:04 PM
Marc Godts
The Tarflower Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society nominates Marc Godts for the Green Palmetto Award. †Marc has supported every aspect of the Tarflower Chapter by sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm. †From an early age he was exposed to disparate Florida environments. †His family spent most weekends camping throughout the state. His father delighted in sharing his knowledge of wildlife. †His mother, a gardener who enlisted Marcís help, also shared her love of plants. †Marc received a degree in Horticulture from the University of South Florida. †Upon graduating he worked at a local golf course in their horticulture section. †Over 20 years ago he joined a friend who owned a large landscape construction company, Dobsonís Woods and Water. †Marc now manages the company and their two large nurseries. † A little over 10 years ago, Marc and his wife Terry began their own nursery, Green Isle Gardens, to grow native plants exclusively. †Their nursery is located on Hwy 33 south of Groveland and is open to the public. †Among the species they grow are scrub plants, Marcís favorites. †Approximately 15 years ago Marc and Terry created the first educational slide show for the chapter. †It has remained the back bone for subsequent editions.
For the past 18 years Marc has planned and coordinated the plant sale portion of our education and plant sale booth at the giant H. P. Leu Gardens annual plant sale that is held each March in Orlando. †He selects the plants, collects them from several nurseries, and arranges them and prices them for the sale. †Marc then heads up our team of volunteers and shares his encyclopedic knowledge with us and those seeking to buy these native plants for their home landscapes. † During the history of our participation in the Leu Gardens plant sale, we estimate that he has generated close to $45,000 for our chapter - though no price tag can be placed on the generous way he shares his love for native plants.[/size]
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