Communications Report/Goals - August, 2006

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on: August 23, 2006, 10:59:08 PM
Cindy Liberton, Chair FNPS Communications, FNPS Webteam
Hernando Chapter, VP for Admin 352-583-2384

To the Society:
Yipee! Karina's here! Having an Executive Director is a Communications dream come true.

As we asked in May, let's work together with Karina to build up the Communication Consultants. Please volunteer under the separate posting so we can get to know each other and I don't have all the eggs in my basket. Chapters often need help with quick turnaround items like PSAs, Press Releases, finding the perfect photo, articles for newsletters and the media, etc. We need moderators for web-based discussion groups. If we work together, we can give each other what we need, when we need it.

Here's what we know we need to do in the upcoming months

A reminder on resources we're building, and how you can contribute:
   Sabal Minor, Rosalind Rowe editor, ( Deadlines the 15th of the Odd Months - we're looking for "best practices" from Chapters, profiles of great contributors throughout the state, and anything else that Rosalind want. This is an easy one; we all do great things!
   Palmetto, Marjorie Shropshire editor (, Deadlines in Feb, June, August, November
   Articles for Print Media and Magazines, Eileen Szuchy (aka kita smith, Chair, Publications, on-going projects
   Factsheets, PSAs, Press Releases, Issue Briefs and Position Papers, Cindy Liberton, Chair, Communications ( and Karina Veaudry (
   Webwork of all Flavors, Paul Rebman (, Cindy Liberton (

Current and upcoming activities:

Publicize the Awards (e.g., Endowment awards, Landscape awards, Conservation Awards, Chapter Grants, and Palmetto Awards
2007 Conference, we have a "placeholder" webpage, and will be adding stuff continuously.
Accomplishments as we've got 'em. For example, the new Chapters will be announced.

Templates for Powerpoints finalized, and key presentation distributed for all Chapters
DVDs copied for the Wildlife Seriers for all Chapters

Continue efforts to finalize and get it into the "field." We're on this. Once it's done, there will be an outreach effort.

Sabal Minor PDF on-line - We're going to accomplish this soon.
Publications Committee activities; coordination, project development and timelines
Palmetto - finalize submission guidelines, support for editor, publicize deadline
Yes, the Coloring Book! We will reprint; the mechanism is just a bit foggy. Chapters, sound out. How many could you use?
Key publications directory and bibliography; for web and print

WEB (we're slow but steady, and have been working on these items.)
Create "printable" layout for key areas
Implement Action Alert submission form
Populate Newsletter Resource pages, Chapter support pages with useful articles to share.
Flesh out our Speakers' Bureau Registry- We could use a volunteer to help with this!
Dev site is now established for backups and experimentation
Instructions for joining forums are completed; it's time to moderate discussions and support on-line projects
Instructions for updating Chapter pages underway; may be done by weekend.

Directory Project
Best Practices doc has been drafted, and will be posted.
Revision of FAQs for Chapter Reps (one of our favorite documents)

Decide on our Promotion projects, and get them done.
Print Generic FNPS Displays for use at key events
Identify 5 key state-wide events for our presence from May 2006 - May 2007 (TBA) Would like suggestions from Board to narrow it down.
Calendar for 2007; Yep, we should have one. We have enough photographers and designers for 24 months! Could be a fund raiser.
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Reply #1 on: August 24, 2006, 04:22:24 PM
Cindy -- Did we ever hear from Tracy McCommon ( about getting copies of the DVD's on Wildlife Matters?

Joan B

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Reply #2 on: August 27, 2006, 08:39:40 AM
Hi Cindy and All,

I have a suggestion of a place to show the FNPS generic display, that would be the Everglades Conference in January. If I am recalling correctly it will be in Orlando this year (2007) A good place to be with brochures and display. If we have a repeating visual display of slides? that too could be attractive..

Has a design concept been devised? a project manager?

I would also think it good to choose the 5 places for this year as widespread thru state as possible.

I recall some people previously mentioning some festivals (music). When & where does that happen?

I say let's get this going if not yet started. How can I help? 

(My help will need to be from home & computer.)  Joan