2011 Proposed Bylaws Changes

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Shirley Denton

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on: March 27, 2011, 12:01:40 PM
Proposed changes to the bylaws are provided as "redline" changes in the attached documents.

These changes are proposed for several reasons: 
1.  To make the bylaws consistent with legal requirements for 501(c)(3) requirements (non-profits) as applies both to FNPS and FNPS chapters.
2.  To allow the Executive Committee to handle routine business matters.  The Board of Directors meets quarterly, and the desire is that the Board provide guidance and policy.  Routine business has had a tendency to dominate the meetings leaving little or no time for the more important policy decisions.
3.  To allow for an assistant treasurer -- this is something needed to ease the time commitment for the treasurer, allow for training future treasurers, and allow for ongoing support to the treasurer. 
4.  To specifically specify requirements for chapter names.  All our chapters meet these requirements currently.
5.  To simplify delivery of proxies for Board voting.  Currently, if the Chapter Representative was missing or out of the county, there is no way for the chapter to provide a proxy to an alternate.  The proposed change allow the proxy to come from the chapter president.  It also allows it to be delivered electronically.
6.  Minor language changes that make the bylaws internally consistent with previous bylaws changes and long standing practices

These proposed bylaws changes are to be voted on by the general membership at the annual meeting in May.  This meeting is held on Saturday morning at the conference.  You can attend this meeting even if you are not otherwise attending the conference -- it is open to all members.
Shirley Denton