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on: April 18, 2011, 06:43:23 PM
All the Cool Things We Do
Paynes Prairie Chapter at Work

Here are some of the wonderful contributions our local FNPS
chapter makes to promote the preservation and use of native
plants in our local landscape.
* Spring and Fall Native Plant Sales at Morningside Nature Center,
in partnership with Friends of Nature Parks

* Main Sponsor of The Great Air-potato Roundup invasive plant
removal in January, organized by the City of Gainesville Parks and
Recreation Nature Parks Division with 1000+ participants from
the community.

* Education booths at both Native Plant Sales, Kanapaha Botanical
Gardens Spring Festival, Putnam County Environmental
Council’s Rally for the Rivers, and Lubee Bat Conservancy Annual
Bat Festival in October.

* Panel Discussion at our chapter meeting, open to the public,
of the pros and cons of the state-wide Amendment 4 proposition,
which would have required a referendum vote prior to the
amendment of local government comprehensive land use plans.

* Field trips to properties acquired by the Alachua Conservation
Trust, among others, to learn about native plants and the conser-
1 - Native Plants Are One Tough Customer - Native plants have
evolved in harmony with their ecosystems and as a result, once
established, they typically require less care and water, and have a
higher survival rate than non-native plants. After establishment,
take a load off and just watch your garden flourish.
2 - Promoting Biodiversity - Many organisms in Florida depend on
native plants for their survival. Natives provide a refuge for wildlife,
attracting and providing food for a variety of birds, small mammals,
amphibians and pollinators throughout the year. As a result,
native plants ensure that our local ecosystems are more stable and
3 - Natives, A Natural Education Resource - Particularly attractive
for home schooling, a native garden will provide a high quality educational
experience in your own yard and add hours of exploration
for little ones and their neighborhood friends.
vation methods in use on these public lands.
* Maintain Carl’s Garden (created by our group in memoriam of a
Paynes Prairie member) established in a public county park. Also
sponsored a UF student from the Environmental Horticulture
program as an intern for a semester to help in the garden and
learn about the native plants.
* Sponsorship of the FNPS annual conference
* Donated $1000 for the Kathy Cantwell memorial, which is
buying the last tract of land to secure a wildlife corridor between
Alachua and Putnam counties.
* Sponsored the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council
* Sponsored Carter Lord, of People for Protecting the Peace River,
to inform us of phosphate mine owner’s plans to expand operations
and the harm done to the water supply and environment.
* Monthly chapter meetings featuring speakers discussing native
plants in our local environment and the issues and activities that
affect them.

If you are on the Board of Directors or ExComm and cannot see the Poll or Vote, please contact the webteam at and give them your login and chapter name so that your permissions can be set appropriately.

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